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integrated needlestick protection for prefilled syringes

Product Features and Specifications

mini-Max is a passive needle shield designed to be fitted by syringe manufacturers onto standard ready-to-fill syringes before the syringes are packed into the popular 'nest and tub' format, used in many of today’s fill-finish lines.

With mini-Max, the syringe manufacturer can deliver standard ready-to-fill staked-needle syringes that already have a passive needlestick protection system, built-into their syringe product - without having to change the primary drug container.

And because mini-Max is designed to use the same rubber compounds that are already incorporated in existing 'needle shields', drug compatibilty will not be an issue for pharmaceutical companies. With mini-Max there is no need to change, modify or disturb the primary drug package. The syringe manufacturer simply fits mini-Max instead of an ordinary needle cover before the syringes are 'nested' into their trays and tubs.

mini-Max is easy to use - simply remove the cover and administer the injection as normal, then as the syringe is withdrawn from the injection site, the mini-Max shield automatically returns back over the needle, and locks securely in place to guard against needlestick injury.

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